1. In the past 24 hours #Hezbollah claimed responsibility for 3 attacks against Israel using high-trajectory fire and UAVs.

2. In addition, the #IDF intercepted a launch around the city of Tzfat. No responsibility was claimed for the attack.

3. The Islamic Resistance in #Iraq claimed responsibility for two attacks against military bases in northern Israel using UAVs. There are no indications of such an attack.

4. The IDF struck Hezbollah’s operational infrastructure around Kfar Kela and a rocket launcher around Yaroun in southern #Lebanon.

5. In the early morning hours of April 8, the IDF struck a target in the center of the Lebanese village of Al Sultaniyah. The attack killed Ali Ahmad Hussein, also known as Abbas Jaafar. Hussein served as commander of the Hajir sector in the Radwan unit (equivalent to a brigade commander).

6. Nasrallah is expected to speak today at a Hezbollah event in honor of Mohammad Reza Zahedi, commander of the IRGC Quds Force in Syria and Lebanon who was killed in Damascus last week.

7. In the video attached Hezbollah launched Burkan rockets toward a military base (according to Hezbollah some rockets were aimed toward the city of Shlomi).

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Dana Polak Kanarik

Dana Polak Kanarik

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