Hezbollah-Southern Syria: Deployment of the “Southern Command” and the “Golan File” Units

Executive Summary
The extent of the actual deployment of Hezbollah in southwestern Syria near the border with Israel indicates Hezbollah’s intention to remain in the region for a long time. The purpose of this document is to reveal new information regarding the extent of Hezbollah’s deployment in southern Syria (Quneitra and Daraa Provinces) utilizing its primary units established in this area under Iranian patronage: the “Southern Command” and the “Golan File” units.

We reveal 58 sites and areas where these two units are deployed in southern Syria (28 places where there is a presence of the “Southern Command “ unit and 30 places where there is a presence of the
terror cells operating under the “Golan File” unit). In the research, we were able to reach exact coordinates in some places and a general location in the rest.

We based the data in this research on the collection of extensive material from general internet sites and particularly from Syrian opposition sites. We estimate that the collected data is reliable and of high quality due to the cross-referencing and information collected from various sources, geographical terrain analysis, the actual location of military sites mentioned and by damage caused directly by Israel to some of
the sites and areas mentioned, or to sites damaged by others, although attributed to Israel by Syrian and Lebanese sources.

The “Southern Command” unit is a sectoral unit of Hezbollah; its operatives are Lebanese, in charge of southern Syria. Its main role is to create an operational infrastructure for all Hezbollah activities in
southern Syria, with an emphasis on the border area with Israel and in our opinion, among other things, to allow Iranian proxy forces like the Shiite militias to enter the campaign against Israel instantly at an
given time on command.

Our research shows 28 sites in southern Syria in which the “Southern Command” is deployed. The
wide deployment of the unit as an operational unit was not known to us before.

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Syrian Commander thanks Hezbollah for training a Syrian Army Division

The “Golan File” unit acts as a force whose purpose is to build terror cell infrastructures in southern Syria serving as a proxy for Hezbollah. The purpose of the infrastructures is to gather intelligence and carry out terrorist acts against Israel. Its activists are Syrian locals who know the area well and can assimilate into the local population.

The deployment of the unit has so far been known in a very partial way. Only 6 places were known in the province of Quneitra.

The findings of our research indicate 10 villages in the Quneitra province and another 14 villages in the Daraa province. Under the patronage of the Iranian Quds Force (part of the IRGC), a military terrorist infrastructure has been established on the Syrian border with Israel, enabling the opening of another front on the Syrian border, equivalent to the Lebanese front against Israel.

These two units, the “Southern Command” and the “Golan File” pose an ongoing operational and
intelligence challenge for the State of Israel and stability in the region.

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Tal Beeri

Tal Beeri

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  1. Given the large number of Hizballah installations in or near the Golan, what is Israel’s red line which determines whether to take military action or not as it has just recently. In other words, what was different about the two installations that were destroyed?

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